Monday, 22 August 2022

Sunny Sufflolk

Leiston Chapel ... that was!

 We headed back to Suffolk by way of a couple of nights at the farm in Cumbria

Sitting down at the beck with Poppy

And a spot of lunch with some lovely people we sat for last time we were here in Lower Dunsforth.  It was great to catch up and compare notes about how life has changed post Covid.

Next we were expected at a sit in Melton, near Aldeburgh.  We would be hanging out with a gem of a 6mth old lurcher pup, one of our favourite breeds!

Butter wouldn't melt! Ha!

Tess is a first dog for this family of three young boys and their parents.  She was such a delightful wee character and we quickly bonded with her.

There was still something of a heat wave going on in this part of the country so we walked her early in the mornings and later in the evenings.  

In between times we just hung out enjoying each others company.

This was a large one acre property which gave plenty of space for either chasing balls or posing for photos.

Waiting for breakfast
Best friends forever

We had family come for lunch and friends call in for a cuppa.  A few workmen called in for some pre-arranged odd jobs and James managed a spot of fishing in the river.  There were always plenty of people and other dogs on the riverbank to keep our pup totally enthralled.  She is a very sociable young lady.

Next we moved about 20mins up the road to a regular sit of ours in Leiston.  Here, we were to hang out with Gail and her chicken friends.

Leona hatching an escape plan!

Gail saying it's time for a walk

Gail loves her walks, whether at the beach or through the fields and we were more than happy to oblige twice a day.

Leiston Chapel, on the way to Minsmere

Looking for seagulls to chase

A happy girl!

We always enjoy fishing around here and this time was no exception.  


Sea bass and Dover sole

Nothing quite like fresh fish for dinner!!!

We also picked some early blackberries from the hedgerows and made yummy banana and blackberry loaf and blackberry crumble.

Back to James' parents in Bury St Edmunds to prepare for our flights to New Zealand.  It has been a whirlwind visit with a few lovely sits sprinkled in, friends and family to catch up with and were off again .......

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Bonny Scotland - July 2022


We love Scotland!  So when an opportunity of a housesit in Borgue, Dumfries & Galloway, came up, we grabbed it.  Fortuitously, the sit coincided with a summer heatwave in the south of the UK so it turned out to be the best time to head north.

We passed by the farm in Drybeck on the way through and caught up with these ones.

Reg and Poppy were pleased to see us

Arriving in Scotland, we soon settled in with our gorgeous and fun charges.

9mth old Border Terrier, Hettie
such a joy

Roscoe, our first ever Red Labrador, a very
steady character
Peggy, a typical active and lively Springer
Brothers from the same mother,
Pip and Posy

Roscoe and Peggy were extremely well trained to the whistle which made them really easy to walk off-leash .... and Hettie just did what they did, so for such a young girl she was super easy too.

In the fields

We spent lots of time at the nearby beach playing in the waves and chasing balls.

Being so close to the coast we trotted out a couple of times to fish from the rocks catching the odd dogfish and not much else, but we never mind an opportunity to sit by the water wherever we are.

The sea also presented an opportunity for staying cool, even though we were only reaching temperatures in the mid twenties where we were, unlike the mid to late thirties down in Suffolk!

Peggy found her own way of keeing cool

At the house, we were busy picking and preparing fruit from the garden for the freezer, making gooseberry crumble for the family's return and generally relaxing a playing with the crew.

Cheers Pip

It really is such a joy when the cats and dogs get on so well together

Although we all know who's the boss here!

The obligatory wrangling of the crew for the scenic shot is always a bit of a laugh

What a wonderful and rugged coastline.  We will certainly be back at some stage .....

Saturday, 2 July 2022

A UK summer in the sun - May/Jun 2022

Our pretty garden on Cambridgeshire

We were so happy to be back in the UK after being locked down in NZ for the previous three years due to Covid!  It was time to catch up with family, at last.  Two wee babies had been born in the family since we left and another due to be born during our stay.  We were looking forward to three and a half months of summer too.

We spent the first few weeks with James's Mum and Dad, clearing out their garage and sheds and generally trying to be useful around the house.  We took a trip to London to see Clare's niece and family and another trip to Leiston to visit a client/friend.

We have cared for Gail a number of times
and always enjoy walking her in the forest

Having enjoyed a pub lunch, we all went
rowing on the lake .... well, one of us rowed
while the rest of us enjoyed the scenery!

Having run into another client in the supermarket, we arranged a lunchtime visit to meet their new springer spaniel.  The one we had cared for on a few occasions previously had sadly passed away since our last visit.

We also managed to catch up with a couple of James's rugby buddies who he hadn't seen for many years.

It soon came time to begin a six week (repeat) housesit that we had agreed to three years prior, at the end of our last house sit here.  None of us could have had any inkling that Covid would mean that we wouldn't be able to get back for three years and they wouldn't be able to go on holiday anyway!

We just love hanging with these guys ............
L to R: Finn, Jake, Hettie, Max aka The Lurchers

  The doglets instantly recognised us (this is our third sit with them) and much excitement ensued.  When we first sat for these guys Finn and Jake (Max and Hetties puppies) were only sixteen months old.  Since our last visit Finn had smashed his ankle and been months in recovery.  He was coping really well and able to accompany us on both daily walks, a total of 11kms every day, albeit on a lead.

Biscuit stop

The others were able to run around the fields as usual.  It really is A LOT of fun!

There are lots of shenanigans to be had in the fields, sometime encountering the local hooligans

Jakey baby

Dragging Mum up the hill

Yay, water

Exploring a new cave

Max's tail just visible in the wheat

Hettie, the water baby, in there somewhere

It soon comes time to go home though

Following the leader

During the days we had lots of gardening to do both freezing and enjoying the produce.

Working in the glass house

Raspberries and mangetout

We were lucky enough to hit cherry season spot on

One of our favourite things to do is make elderflower cordial.

And took time to sit in the sun and enjoy it

We were delighted to have the family over to lunch

James's Mum and Dad, Uncle and Aunt

Just looking!

Evenings were spend relaxing ..... some more than others